I miss this remembering
Eli Simić-Prošić (*1992)
(UA, 2022) for recorder trio

"In the forgettings and rememberings of the body and the instruments and the individual gestures which compose it we find the delicate balance between presence and absence..."

Where Is My Voice?
Helena Cánovas Parés (1994*)
(UA, 2022) for recorder trio

"...As a composer, I am constantly searching for ideas, a voice and a space in which to hear them. This piece stays in the process of that search and embraces its vulnerability, fragility, and chaos as part of the process."

The Invisible Wall
Chin-Hsien Chung (*1996)
(UA, 2021)

„If I don’t look at the camera, does it mean I’m not looking at you or am I looking at myself?”

Lo-Fi Dreams
Ferdinand Grätz
(UA, 2018) for amplified recorders and fixed media

"...The resulting timbres evoke reminiscences of music genres such as Lo-Fi House, characterized by their infusion of white noise and textured layers to create a sonically pleasant atmosphere."